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    Download this eBook J'étais la plus vicieuse du foyer

    J'étais la plus vicieuse du foyer

    Corinne V. Media 1000 - 2020-10-08 - ePub no DRM Une amitié très coquine entre deux femmes avides de sensations fortes... Quand on habite un patelin perdu au fond de la province, comment réaliser ses ambitions ? C'est ce que se demande Corinne, une ado qui rêve de devenir styliste de mode. La solution lui viendra un...
    Download this eBook Une épouse très soumise

    Une épouse très soumise

    Alain Sival Media 1000 - 2020-10-08 - ePub no DRM Un couple fait l'expérience sulfureuse du candaulisme... En apparence, tout baigne chez Marc et Lise. En appa rence, ils ont tout pour être heureux. Jugez-en : ils sont jeunes (à peine vingt-cinq ans), après avoir fait leurs études ensemble ils se sont mariés " par...
    Download this eBook The Princess's Playthings

    The Princess's Playthings

    James Missaglia Pink Flamingo Publications - 2020-06-26 - ePub no DRM If you’re a thief in the Seven Kingdoms, there are a few things you don’t do: annoy wizards, trust pawnbrokers, and least of all – fuck around with the Valarian royal family. Marrox knows these rules but after a night of anal with Saryn, a gorgeous redhead, he’s...
    Download this eBook Night Closes In

    Night Closes In

    Paul Moore Pink Flamingo Publications - 2019-10-04 - ePub no DRM Through a series of interviews with those involved, the story of a human trafficking operation in a corrupt rural county unfolds. In a secret prison deep underground, abducted women are broken with mental conditioning, drugs, and torture; then trained as sex slaves and...
    Download this eBook Horizontal Memoirs

    Horizontal Memoirs

    J.A. Smith Pink Flamingo Publications - 2019-06-14 - ePub no DRM Jon (J. A. Smith) and his wife Alison have been involved in swinging for over thirty years. This unique book documents their swinging experience, their erotic adventures and the lifestyle they enjoyed, from their first chance finding of a swing club to the close...
    Download this eBook Catherine's Dilemma: Catherine in Love, Book Two

    Catherine's Dilemma: Catherine in Love, Book Two

    Tina Gray Pink Flamingo Publications - 2018-01-12 - ePub no DRM Catherine returns in this sequel to Catherine’s Dream, just as she and her Dominant lover Sam have become engaged. Enter Caitlin, Sam’s ward since her father died and her mother ran off. He introduces her to Cat and their lover Maddie, in hopes that the two can take...
    Download this eBook Retaliation


    Jurgen Von Stuka Pink Flamingo Publications - 2016-09-09 - ePub no DRM Hank’s living a dream life – a successful stockbroker with a hot car and a hot wife, who just happens to be a top surgeon. He’s also a cheating snake, who knows he’s bound to get caught. If his private playroom suite is discovered, he’ll be on his way to Ecuador in a...
    Download this eBook Alyssa's Needs Trilogy

    Alyssa's Needs Trilogy

    Olivia M. Ravensworth Pink Flamingo Publications - 2015-01-09 - ePub no DRM After a year and a half of marriage, the beautiful Alyssa suddenly tells her adoring husband that she needs more than any one man, no matter how loving, can give her far more. Brad is shocked, but Alyssa, with her dark eyes smoldering, explains patiently, yet...
    Download this eBook The Contract

    The Contract

    Jg Leathers Pink Flamingo Publications - 2012-05-04 - ePub no DRM Illustrations ONLY available in Paperback version. To live the full experience, please purchase the paperback. The Contract, by JGLeathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books. The author has not only combined these powerful stories into one...
    Download this eBook No Apologies

    No Apologies

    N.C. Pink Flamingo Publications - 2001-07-06 - ePub no DRM I trust that whatever deeds this gentle spirit of my soul leads me to, the divine is there, and peace is present, and the dry, arid wastelands of my life have become blooming gardens of sensuous joy. Naked Revelations This book was a labor of love, a curse, a blessing...
    Download this eBook Compulsion


    Don Julian Winslow Pink Flamingo Publications - 2020-01-31 - ePub no DRM COMPULSION: Webster defines compulsion as: “A feeling of being irresistibly driven to perform some irrational act.” Compulsion delves into the sexual perversities of lovers and strangers, ordinary men and women who are driven to the most extreme lengths by sexual...
    Download this eBook The Experiment

    The Experiment

    Paul Preston Pink Flamingo Publications - 2019-12-06 - ePub no DRM It’s 2087. When Emily Williams, a good-hearted and attractive woman, is told to report to the CEO’s office for her exit interview, rather than fire her, Mr. Miller, CEO of a tech firm specializing in artificial intelligence, offers Emily a job as his personal...
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